Architectural Laminated Glass

Architectural laminated glass is two or more layers of glass, structurally bonded together with vinyl interlayers. Fusion Glassworks Inc specializes at incorporating decorative interlayers into the lamination process. Combinations of interlayers and glass are nearly endless. The laminating process produces a safety glass product that is ideal in use for elevator interiors, door lites, windows, railings, wall paneling, cabinetry, and back splashes.

At Fusion Glassworks we produce all our custom laminated products using the finest interlayers, and the highest quality glass available. This process allows us to produce products to exact specifications with a strong focus on attention to detail!

  • The maximum size of our custom laminated glass is 61 x 118".
  • All of our laminated glass panels can have polished, or beveled and polished edges.
  • Frameless mounting solutions, fire rated backings, custom fabrication, and premium hardware options are available to simplify the installation process, allowing our clients more success!
  • Wood Veneer

    Wood Veneer is our specialty. We work with the best veneer wholesalers to source material that exceeds expectations. Whole logs, matching flitches, long sequences, exotic burls, and unusual species will appeal to the most discerning architect/designer. Most veneers can be dyed or stained prior to laminating. Please enquire about custom veneer colours. All veneer, whenever possible, is responsibly sourced, FSC certified, or reconstituted to reduce the environmental impact and give maximum value to this precious resource. Click for more sample images.

    Safety Mirrors

    Safety mirrors are ideal for use in elevator interiors. All the mirror we stock can be laminated. These include clear mirror, low iron mirror, gray mirror, bronze mirror, and antique mirror. Common edge treatments are polished edges, and beveled and polished edges.

    Digital Images

    Digital Images provide endless design ideas and options. We are able to incorporate your high resolution digital image file into laminated glass. Other options include files from popular paid image resource sites and vector files. Laminated colour digital glass panels are an ideal medium to be back lit. Please contact us for further information regarding file size resolution, and large scale print quality. Click for more sample images.

    Custom Opaque Colours

    Custom opaque colours allow for full colour saturation in laminated glass panels. We are able to match any leading paint suppliers colour chip. Opaque laminated coloured glass is an ideal product for elevator interiors and custom dry erase writing surfaces. Add a magnetic interlayer to further enhance the user experience.

    Custom Interlayers

    Custom interlayers may include transparent coloured vinyl interlayers, our shoji line, mixed mediums, fabrics, and wallpapers, Fusion Glassworks Inc is happy to work with your designers and suppliers to create one of a kind decorative laminated panels.

    Glass Makeups

    Glass makeups can include low iron glass, tempered glass, specialty low iron satin etch glass (satin mist, satin light, and satin etch), textured glass, and mirror. Interesting effects can be produced by combining different types of glass. Satin etch mirror, coloured satin etch and mirrored textures are but a few of the design possibilites.