The Fusion Glassworks story

Fusion Glassworks Inc. has been situated for over 40 years in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Whilst honoring age-old art glass traditions, Fusion Glassworks Inc. specializes in artistic, innovative glass solutions, incorporating state of the art equipment and technology for both residential and commercial clients. With a strong focus on supporting the local glass scene, our client base extends throughout North America and beyond with projects completed in Australia, Europe, China, and the Philippines.

We started as a small basement operation in 1983 as a blend of retail supplies and custom windows. Over the years, as the demand grew and our name became well known in the industry, our space and staff also grew to where we are now.

Our Kelowna plant is a little over 18000 sq.ft in size, providing innovative, high quality decorative glass solutions for both commercial and residential clients. Our experienced staff bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to their jobs. Being in the art glass industry since 1983 gives us a better knowledge and experience in glass, products and techniques that customers can count on. Fusion Glassworks have an extensive range supplies and glass, along with sound project advice founded on decades of experience.

Being a privately held intergenerational family business allows Fusion Glassworks Inc to maintain high quality standards, reinvest in technology and equipment, and enable us to cater quickly to specific client needs and requests.

Fusion Glassworks Inc, is now considered a leader in custom glass and mirror fabrication, as well as an innovator in decorative laminated glass. Projects executed to exacting standards with the highest level of quality are some of the reasons the world’s best architects and designers specify Fusion Glassworks Inc.

We are fully committed to a continuous quality assurance plan that we hope addresses all facets of our business. Simply put, we strive to get things right, every time, and then try to improve it.