Custom Stained Glass

Custom leaded glass commissions are aspecialty of Fusion Glassworks Inc. All the work we do is custom made to fit your opening with the design and colours to match your vision. All leaded glass commissions can be incorporated into a sealed unit made to the latest window standards for energy efficiency. As the art glass is “sandwiched” between outer layers of glass on either side, the unit is a triple glaze window. Triple glazed windows utilizing Lo E glass with argon gas are generally considered the gold standard of energy efficiency. Tempered glass, laminated glass, Lo E glass coatings, argon gas, and Super Spacer edge technology are used throughout our sealed units to protect your leaded art glass while adding beauty and functionality to your home.

If you are thinking of starting a commission, please read our ordering guide below to familiarize yourself with the process. Please also take note of our Deposit Policy

The Design Process


Before starting the design process, it is a good idea to know the general size and shape of the piece you want to do. This helps our designer create a to-scale drawing. Rough measurements within an inch or two are fine at this stage.

At this point you can sit down with one of our designers and discuss your vision, personal tastes, or any theme you are going for. We can offer advice and suggestions if you are torn between ideas. It can also be a good idea to bring in images or sketches if you have them. If you are not quite sure what you would like, we have a large selection of art glass books to spark your inspiration. A browse through our glass room could also help. There are also many images available on the internet, as well as our Gallery page.

Once we have a good idea of the size and complexity of the design, and the materials that will be used, we can give you a general price range. If the price does not work for your budget, modifications can be made to the design. Please keep in mind that certain glass and design complexity can increase costs.


Deposit and Drawings:
After the initial design consultation, when we have decided on a design/theme and agreed on a budget, a 50% deposit is required to move forward. This will allow our in-house design team to produce working drawings with a 2D digital simulation of the design. Glass colours and textures are shown for realistic renderings.

When you are satisfied with the final design, including glass selection, we can move forward with fabrication. Firm window sizes are required at this point. On-site measurements may also be required, at which point an appointment can be made with one of our staff.

Once the piece has been built, you have the option for us to add patina to darken the lead. The piece is then cleaned and dried, and it is now ready to be made into a sealed window unit if required.

Delivery and Installation:
Your beautiful new art glass window is done and ready to be professionally installed by Fusion Glassworks friendly staff. Pick up and delivery options are also available.